Motor Cover Just For A Day Or A Few Weeks

With today’s dynamics there has been shift of consumers’ needs regarding car insurance and many have opted to partake temporary offers rather than long term.

Whether you are looking to compare cheap 1 day insurance for an 18 year old or trying to find the cheapest short term car insurance for a female student, some of the reasons why drivers find this a suitable policy include the following scenarios:

– Short term hire of a car.

– Temporary stay of a foreign visitor to the UK an would like to drive during the period.

– A friend’s inclusion or assistance in driving when on a trip.

– In case of test-driving for a few days of a car which one intends to buy

– A car that has been borrowed from a friend for a short duration of time.

For these reasons and others, UK companies have devised products that meeets the needs of such needs.

The policies offered have great flexibility and a variety of durations to choose from.

The pricing is done in a straight forward manner and the holder can opt to have additional covers like break down cover.

Most companies in the UK have engaged the online platform and thus the products are easily accessible online.

The online procedure for acquiring TEMP CAR COVER is typically quite simple and convenient; in that you just need to make a Quotation online, fill a proposal form, pay securely online, print the certificate and of course drive.

Some of the covers offered are-

– Short-term Cover for drivers ( Age limit 18-75 years)

– 1-28 days instant cover.

– Comprehensive Online Cover.

– Insure another person on your car.

– Cover yourself on someone else car.

UK companies have gone to great lengths in provision of specific covers, thus meeting the needs of many who may just want to find the cheapest rates to use a car on a temporary basis. This is with the fact that; it is not economically sensible for such drivers to get long term cover.But this does not warrant driving a car that is uninsured since definately it’s against the law and results into unnecessary penalties.

Because of flexibility of these covers, the holder could rest assured of the knowledge that one has not only complied with the strict UK Insurance law but also covered the car against any damages that could result in the unfortunate occurence of an accident.In addition,the no claim bonuses are not affected on any pre-existing insurance cover.

Most of these policies come with an extension option after two weeks have expired from a previous cover undertaken,with a maximum duration cover of four weeks.

Temporary car insurance has turned out to be cost effective, with a wide selection of products to choose from, quick and easy access to the products; plus other many benefits, thus making it one of the most desirable to consumers in the UK market.

Searching online is often the best way to find the cheapest temporary car insurance quotes. As always, hunt around for the best deals and read all the small print, legal information, disclaimers and know exactly what you will be covered for and, more importantly, what not. Always seek independent financial advice if in any doubt before committing to any financial product. Check out for more information.